Best Relaxation Back Massage

Are you interested in the best relaxation back massage in town?

There are various types of relaxing back massages, the most obvious one being massage therapy, also known as the Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is the most common massage, as the majority of spas are equipped with masseurs / masseuses who will provide you with a Swedish massage.

During this massage, the therapist applies massage oils and lubricants on the skin, stroking it softly in order to warm up the muscle tissue. This breaks muscle knots and releases tension.

The deep tissue massage is the massage you want to get if you are struggling with back strains or painful muscles. This type of massage is definitely not going to be relaxing for you, because of its nature – the techniques used are different, the therapist having to focus on key pressure points of the body, often times leading in physical discomfort for the patient.

Another way to go is shiatsu, an ancient technique of Japanese bodywork. The massage therapist applies palm and finger pressure as a means to unblock an energy that flows through the body called qi – enabling a faster heal rate and recovery.

Similar in some ways to shiatsu, acupuncture is a method used in traditional Chinese medicine. The patient is laid on a massage table, after which thin needles are inserted through the skin, on specific points of the body. This helps with reducing the frequency of headaches, migraines, low-back pains and others.
Some of these massage types and techniques might be unconventional, as to the most relaxing back massage – it is entirely up to you to decide. Try your best relaxation back massage at London Therapy Massage today!

Our masseuses will make you a visit at your place so you can enjoy the comfort of your home, hotel room or, even, office. We are just one phone call away!

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