Couples Massage

The Couples Massage is a great way to set the mood for a romantic evening with your life-partner or to bond with your close friends by giving them an intimate experience and helping them wind down. Alternatively, you and your loved one can both get massaged at the same time, in the same room by different therapists; the Couples Massage can also help improve family relationships (moms can get massaged with their daughters, sisters can form bonds or bury the hatchet if that’s the case), it could help you reach the next relationship level with your girlfriend, or just improve your current relationship with a good friend.

Couples Massage in Central London

Couples MassageThis particular massage type takes place in a couples suite within a spa, a resort or a hotel spa. Two separate massage therapists will be performing the Couples Massage on you and your partner, usually in a separate room large enough for two people, with two massage tables. During the massage you can share stories and chat with your friend / lover if you want to or just lie on the table quietly and enjoy the relaxing experience.

If your life partner is on the fence about getting a massage, the Couples Massage is a great way to ease them into maybe getting a massage on their own afterwards. Men especially are reluctant to get massages because most of them involve nudity however, convincing them to get a London Couples Massage will provide the reassurance of sharing this experience with their wife or girlfriend.

Getting a regular massage can be a very relaxing experience for your body as well as your mind, getting a Couples Massage has the additional benefit of sharing this unique experience at that moment in your life with the person you care for. Getting a Couples Massage can prove to be a worthwhile investment – you can both learn massage techniques from the Couples Massage therapists, giving you the opportunity to perform massages on each other at home.

You can surprise your significant other with a Couples Massage appointment for your anniversary by giving them the gift of spending quality time together, becoming more intimate with each other and winding down after a hard day’s work; it’s a wonderful gift, especially if your partner had a massage before or, perhaps for saying sorry because a stupid fight you had a while back.

Pick up the phone, give us a call right now and book an appointment for a Couples Massage, it’s a unique experience that will bring your relationship to a whole other level, an experience you won’t soon forget!

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