Massage: therapy for body and soul

Massage therapy for body and soul

People usually go to get massages for muscle aches, sprains, sports injuries, generally body – related problems. However, the benefits of massage therapy extend to releasing stress and relaxation.

A massage can be filled with powerful emotions, aiding the soul by unblocking the qi (shiatsu massage), or simply creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Patients often disregard or do not notice this aspect of the therapy massage, focusing on the main reason why they get the massage.

The obvious benefits are physical, and very helpful to many, ridding patients of various illnesses, pains or disorders (anxiety, insomnia, strains or injuries, joint pains, headaches, digestive disorders). A number of patients, however, visit massage parlors or spas in order to bond and create sentimental and spiritual connections with therapists, which is perfectly normal seeing how massages involve comfort and caring.

Soul massage therapy is being practiced by many, through traditional Thai Yoga massages or simply Thai or Yoga massages. The traditional Thai Yoga massage does not focus on the physical body but with the energy body of the patient, applying pressure on energy points similar to shiatsu. The practitioners of Thai Yoga massage consider it a spiritual practice that is required to nourish the soul.

Massages have always been helpful to people throughout the ages, whether manipulating muscles to heal injuries or unblocking the energy that resides within our bodies.

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