Relaxation Massage

Work too much? Stress all day? Need to relax?
Relaxation massage is the best solution for you and your health.

You do not have time to relax, but your body needs to rest? The best way to feel better is a relaxation massage. Not any kind of massage, but a good one. London Therapy Massage offers you the best massage in London.

After a session of massage you will feel like another person.

Massage makes you feel relaxed, revitalised and restored. Therapy massage help your mind, your body and your soul.

Make time for your health and for one moment think at your person and forget about anything else.Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage in London


There are various types of relaxing massages, the most obvious one being massage therapy, also known as the Swedish massage. The Swedish massage is the most common massage, as the majority of spas are equipped with masseurs / masseuses who will provide you with a Swedish massage.

During this massage, the therapist applies massage oils and lubricants on the skin, stroking it softly in order to warm up the muscle tissue. This breaks muscle knots and releases tension.

The deep tissue massage is the massage you want to get if you are struggling with back strains or painful muscles. This type of massage is definitely not going to be relaxing for you, because of its nature – the techniques used are different, the therapist having to focus on key pressure points of the body, often times leading in physical discomfort for the patient. But a discussion with the therapist will immediately remedy the problem and this is the reason why it is needed a good connection between the masseuse and the customer.

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